Agasthiya Nadi Astrology

Agasthiya Nadi Astrology operates by assuming that the present, past, and future of each individual are recorded in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts, also known by the name of Nadi Granthas. These documents were written by ancient sages many thousands of years ago and provide detailed information about the lives of various people.

In accordance with the principles that are a part of the Agasthiya Nadi Astrology every person is assigned a distinct Nadi leaf which corresponds with the details of their birth. The leaves are believed to contain a dated script that can only be decoded by skilled Nadi Astrologers. Astrologers utilize the thumb impression of an individual to determine the precise Nadi leaf that holds their personal information.

When it is determined that the Nadi leaf is spotted The astrologer then reads the contents of the leaf and offers insight into the person’s past as well as the present and the future. The Nadi readings are based on different aspects of life such as education, career as well as relationships, health and spiritual development.