Kaandam One (Chapter 1)

The consultant’s Year Month, Date Day of Birth The Birth Star The Lagan (Ascended Shine) and also about their lifetime’s general predictions from the moment of birth to the end of their lives in brief.

Kaandam Two (Chapter 2)

The Consultant’s behavior and the Power of Speech. Money, Family and Educations & Eyesight in depth.

Kaandam Three (Chapter 3)

The number of brothers and Sisters, Benefits and Problems from them, Risk and difficulties in life, as well as about the courage of the consultant in Detail

Kaandam Four (Chapter 4)

About the mother of the Consultant Her health and life span and her death in full detail. House, Building, Landsite, Properties, Vehicles, Comforts, Treasure – Trove in Detail.

Kaandam Five (Chapter 5)

Birth of the children and the number of males or Female and their ailments and deaths, Educational, Career Benefits or problems arising from them, and the reasons behind delays or absence of matters, etc.

Kaandam Six (Chapter 6)

Debts, Diseases, Litigation, enemies how long before these problems will occur and when they’ll disappear in the smallest detail.

Kaandam Seven (Chapter 7)

The date of marriage, when it takes place, and with whom and what kind of Bride or Groom, one or two Marriages, From where the proposal for marriage will be made and at what distance. The physical characteristics that make up the Bride Groom’s appearance, looks and character, as well as the name as well as the reasons for delaying marriage and about the dangers of Married Life during the Separation or marriage, gain or property of Bride and Groom in detail.

Kaandam Eight (Chapter 8)

The consultant’s Life-Longevity (Life-Span) What will be the length of duration of the life span, and during when the risk and challenge will occur at the time of death and at what time of the month, Day, Year Thithi, Hora, or whether death takes place in the your own home or in a place outside of the disease is detailed.

Kaandam Nine (Chapter 9)

The longevity for the advisor’s dad, in details about the acquisition of father’s property
Dad’s diseases, dangers in his life, and his death date, a time of pursuing a Guru
Establishing temples, monasteries and wells, as well as the spirituality of each.

Kaandam Ten (Chapter 10)

The Consultants Occupation, Occupation during different age periods. The periods of rising and falling in your professional career, the transfer or promotion in the job. Whichever is better, Joint Business or Own Business is beneficial for the consultant, and in his name the company should be Detail.

Kaandam Eleven (Chapter 11)

The profit at which age similar to those that will follow about second marriages, the second husband’s wife’s details and the benefits and challenges of them. Also, about luck-based opportunities in the life of the consultant

Kaandam Twelve (Chapter 12)

Rebirth or Wastage (Losses) How and when will the wall is created? Travel abroad, politics Rebirth, bed comfort’s, Moksham in Detail & as precise.




The solutions to the problems discussed in all of these kaandams. information about the consultant’s previous birth, the wrongs done by them that affects them in this birth and ways to get rid of their Karma.


Black magic is used against the Native by the adversaries ancestral curse, other jealousy and pride, how can we overcome it and the outcomes that come from it. How to achieve improvement in your professional and business, as well as successful court cases or marriage, and also education to accomplish all of this, and which Mantra to be chanting. What are the days and times to sing the Mantra and when do you wear your Talismen (locket) and so on.,


What exactly is the disease and what is the treatment to treat it? How do you use the medicine to treat the disease, and when it will be completely cured and so on.,


Spiritual development is the chance of becoming wise and God. The Guru or Preceptor from whom you can gain wisdom and Deeksha etc.,


The events based on the bhukthis’s life in different Dhasas, from the Native.